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setting enterprise wifi at home using free radius and extending your wifi with same ssid
many of you might have heard about dd-wrt and many use it as main router. last year i spent some time implementing radius server for my wifi at home. i will split this tutorial into 2 sections. first is to increase the range of wifi using two routers. i have a tplink router which i use it as the main router did not change the firmware and the other is cisco linksys router that i installed dd-wrt on and use it as a secondary router for extending my wifi and radius server. now i wont get into how to install dd-wrt on your box because there are hundreds of videos and tutorials available. we will start where we have 2 routers one as primary other as secondary. i have a habit of assigning static ips for routers because i dont want ip to change. in this example our primary router will have ip as and secondary will have you may be wondering where is well thats our firewall ;) he he.
Section 1:
Step 1: routers are dumb. therefore first things first. configure your primary router with ip and power off router 1
Step 2: insert the lan cable of your secondary router in your computer and begin the setup
Step 3: dd-wrt starts up with a screen assign username and password. use that screen to setup a user and password, this is basically your administrator
Step 4: once you are past that we begin the setup
Step 5: go to wireless basic settings
Step 6: having same SSID and same Network Mode will enable you to have seamless wifi experience
Step 8: now one last thing is to switch of the spi firewall protection, we are doing this because we already have firewall at the perimeter
Step 9: that is all now switch the secondary router off.
Step 10: connect a LAN cable from one of the LAN ports of primary router to the secondary one (remember again do not put the cable in the wan port).
Step 11: turn your first router on let it boot completely. then turn your second router on.
Step 12: you should now have same wireless SSID throughout the house and you can move seamlessly from one room to another without worrying about change of SSID.
*** end of section 1 ***
Section 2:
Step 1: now getting on to the radius server
Step 2: insert the lan cable of your secondary router and begin the setup
Step 3: you can now create your users and passwords and start saving the information in the screen above.
Step 4: once this is done you are done with your setup of the server box.
Step 5: one thing to note though that not all the devices in our house support enterprise grade security. i faced the same problem and therefore i created my 5Ghz network with WPA2-Enterprise my 2.4Ghz still runs on pre-shared key.
Step 6: now lets setup the wpa2-enterprise client which is our primary router remember
Step 7: that's it folks. restart both the routers secondary one first and then the primary one, we have successfully created wpa2-enterprise network.
Step 8: now configure clients

concept and design: harshdevX