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in my previous article i covered how you can setup your home fm transmitter using $50 HiFast USB transmitter. lets take this one step further. i wanted to listen to radio streams however that are in a different time zone. so question was how to schedule recording and broadcast it within my house so that i can listen to the stream without a hassle. also my father lives in a different city than therefore the files i record can be made available to him so that he can listen to the streams as well.

so for example i want to record all india radio (AIR) thats broadcast in indian timezone. i specifically picked up AIR because of the m3u8 playlist. the data is received in chunks. i spent alot of days to find how the data is received and processed by vlc and finally cracked this to work

so now we have recorded all programs how do the files look?

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we have the programming now lets broadcast them. i created another shell script to broadcast the programming using my media player daemon (MPD).

sorry just one last thing.......automate the whole friggin job...

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