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central log monitoring in linux part -1
this took me quite some time to research and build. initially it took long to configure the ports ip addressing and firewall rules and then it took time to configure rsyslog to enable remote logging kernel and weblogs. so lets dive into it.
Section 1: infrastructure
Step 1: configuring the rsyslog server
Step 2: based on your choice of TCP/UDP input stream, Step 3: choose your favourite text editor and edit rsyslog.conf file (my distribution is ubuntu)
Step 3: if you wish to use udp uncomment the udp sections and the rsyslog will start to listen on UDP.
Step 4: actually thats pretty much it. restart the rsyslog services and type 'netstat - ntlp4' if running TCP or 'netstat -nulp4' if running UDP you should see something like screenshot below
*** end of section 1 ***
Section 2:

concept and design: harshdevX